If it has to do with buildings, then chances are we can be of assistance to you. Our central focus in relation to building is the health and safety of the public. Each building is a part of a neighborhood and each neighborhood is a part of a community.
The safe and healthy development of each neighborhood and community contributes directly to the safe and healthy development of Belize
All Applications for Review shall be:
– Completed on forms that are numbered and in triplicate, provided by the Central Building Authority (CBA).
– Accompanied by the relevant supporting documents as per the check list prepared by the CBA. (see List of Agencies for Required Approval)

The Building Inspector shall:
– Process the application.
– Ensure that all instructions and/or requirements of the Application Form and the CBA Checklist have been met.
– CBA reserves the right to request design calculations for all submissions.

If the requirements have been met:
– It will be entered in a register.
– CBA will carry out any investigation and/or query that may be necessary.
– Applicant shall then pay an Application Fee according to the Application Fee Schedule issued by the CBA.

All pages of all documents submitted for review shall be:
– Stamped and signed by the professional of record (technicians included) indicating that professionals acceptance of responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information being submitted.
– A minimum of three complete sets of plans (four sets are recommended), as per page ii note 2 of the application form, shall be submitted to the CBA for review.
– Drawings shall include a location plan, and fire safety plans and/or details in accordance with the requirements of the National Fire Service.

If everything is in compliance with the requirements of the CBA:
– A “No Objection to Development” will be issued
– The applicant will be required to fill out an “Application for A Permit to Commence”.
– The applicant will pay a Permit Fee according to the Permit Fee Schedule issued by the CBA.
PLEASE NOTE: CBA will no longer be accepting payment for fees at our office. We now require that ALL payments be made by direct deposit to our Scotiabank account No. 87965-8704203 for Central Building Authority. After the deposit has been made please present your deposit slip to our office where an offical receipt will be issued to you.
– The applicant shall advise the CBA when the Setting Out will be ready for an inspection by the CBA. (Minimum of 10 days notice required.)

The setting out inspection shall be carried out, and the setting out approved, BEFORE actual construction commences. The construction phase must commence no later than 365 days of the date of the “No Objection to Development”. The “No Objection to Development” is automatically deemed null and void 365 days after it has been issued.


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